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​​Synonyms: defeat, beat, vanquish, trounce, triumph over, be victorious over, get the better of, worst; More


To successfully overcome (a problem or weakness).

Founder of and head trainer at CrossFit Milford in Milford CT, which has been to the games 5 times and has had athletes at the games 11 years in a row.  Team CrossFit Milford finished 2nd in the world in 2015 and Jason has produced 10 podium finishers.


After opening his gym and establishing himself as a head coach during the inception of the sport in 2008, he has since shifted his focus to teaching his own seminars for both Athletes (Athlete development) and Coaches (proper coaching theories and techniques). His athletes include International record holders in powerlifting, National Team members for USA weightlifting, All American wrestlers, the elite in the CrossFit universe (30+ games athletes and over 7 podium finishers), State champions and All American high school basketball players.  


His professional focus is on personalized strength, conditioning and movement quality which ensures the foundation is properly built on an individual level so each athlete can reach genetic and athletic potential. He is an established, knowledgeable and respected teacher, coach and resource in the global fitness community.


Work Hard Stay Humble. Four words Christian Harris lives by day in and day out. Always a competitor, playing baseball and football, Christian continued his game at CW Post. Playing wide receiver for the Pioneers, he knew he always wanted to stay fit and healthy years after being out on the field.


Christian followed his path into private and group training at Parisi School from 2008-2011 in Islip, NY. After his buddy told him about this new fitness thing CrossFit he may be good at, he took his word for it and checked it out.


Since 2011, Christian has not looked back. Going to the CrossFit Regionals 5 times and the CrossFit Games in 2016. He is the co-owner of a gym on Long Island NY...Freedom Athletic Academy, private trains many athletes, owns his clothing line...MFLH, and is the husband and father of two boys ages 3 and 7. 

If you ever catch Christian training you know, he is living by those four words. He works hard every single day whether training, coaching, managing, or designing. He puts forth 110% effort in all he does and stays humble about it.

Connor has been involved in sports his whole life and found CrossFit at age 17. Through college, he continued to develop as a CrossFit athlete and began to set competitive goals. The first major goal he achieved was qualifying for the 2016 East Regional. Over the next few years he continued to set his sights higher and eventually achieved his goal of qualifying for and competing as an individual athlete at the 2019 CrossFit Games.


But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. There were seasons plagued injuries and setbacks. At the time, these setbacks and failures felt like the end of the world. But he came to realize that there is something to be learned in both the highs and the lows. It is all part of the journey and the lessons learned along the way are invaluable. 


It is his goal as a Conquer coach to share these insights, knowledge, and perspectives gained from competitive experience.

Since 2012, Dominic has been on a mission to change his life for the better. During this time, he was able to fight his battle with drugs and alcohol and began his sober journey into fitness.


Coming from a background in Lacrosse, Dom has managed an array of awards throughout his time at multiple Universities.


In 2013, Dom began coaching Athletes eager to advance their careers in fitness. He has coached a handful of athletes over the years with one in particular standout client, Whitney Stephenson who made a name for herself after a few visits to the Atlantic Regional. He also has worked at multiple gyms throughout Florida and GA.


Over the years Dom has accumulated multiple certifications through OPEX Fitness, Training Think Tank Courses, WAG nutrition, Precision Nutrition, CF courses, USA Weightlifting and Westside Barbell. He has also has been apart of our Coaching Mentorship program with Jason Leydon.


Dom also works for Working Against Gravity, as a substitute coach, assisting in helping clients reach their fullest potential.

As the owner and head coach at UPRISE Fitness in San Diego, Ryan has practiced and coached the Sport of Fitness since 2008. As an athlete, he has competed in both CrossFit and the Endurance world, completing multiple Olympic Distance Triathlons, Ultra Marathons, and local-level CrossFit competitions. 


In late 2017, Ryan decided to leave his service in the Coast Guard to pursue coaching and growing UPRISE Fitness full-time. Since then, Ryan has had the honor of working with numerous tactical athletes, CrossFit Sanctional athletes, and everyday people who just want to be better so they can keep crushing life. To this day, Ryan’s number one goal is to help people live a life where their fitness never holds them back, and they can continue to do badass things.


As a coach, Ryan’s focuses are his athletes and to always continue learning; using his knowledge and learnings from some of the best mentors in the business, he helps his athletes develop both mentally and physically so they can reach their highest potential.

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