#87: Valerie Viramontes on Building an Online Business

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Valerie created Girl Hacks to provide more widespread access to resources, wisdom, and tools that support the development of girls 13 to thriving, connected and purposeful lives, by being supported to actualize their full potential.

Valerie is known for her huge loving heart, commitment to being in service, her focus, efficiency and perseverance. Her extraordinary capacity to be generative and resourceful in bringing projects and visions into form was born through a series of challenges that spurred Valerie’s gift for leadership and self-sufficiency from a young age.

As a young girl, Valerie witnessed cycles of violence and substance abuse in her community that sparked her determination to create something different in her life. Valerie drew on her courage and natural entrepreneurial propensity to become one of the breadwinners in her family at age 11, circuit cleaning houses in her neighborhood, and babysitting.

She felt committed to find a way to help put an end to the suffering she was seeing, and a few key ‘Angels’ upon her path, such as her aunt, grandmother and her favorite school teacher kept providing glimpses of hope for a brighter future, in just the right moments.

When she was 17 years old, a copy of “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” found its way into Valerie’s hands, and her penchant for personal development began in earnest. She worked her way through medical billing school by the ripe young age of 17 and began her career immediately thereafter, saving up money diligently to put herself through college.

Fresh out of college, Valerie found herself in a life that, on the outside, appeared pretty amazing: She was hired by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories and worked in the subcontracts research and development department for close to 3 years.

At 25, Valerie’s aunt gifted her a copy of “A Woman’s Worth” by Marianne Williamson and tears streamed down her cheeks as Valerie read this book. It was the first time that she had ever come across a personal development book framed from a feminine perspective. That was a turning point in Valerie’s development.

From JPL in Pasadena she went up to Oregon to work in her family’s manufacturing business. They manufactured high precision screws and components for the aerospace and automotive industry. It was an easy transition to take on running the operations of that business with her work experience at JPL. She moved back down to California 14 months later and was back to seeking her next path.

Valerie discovered Landmark Forum at the age of 27. As this personal growth and forgiveness work cleared through layers of regret, self-doubt and shame, Valerie watched her entire life begin to change from the inside out. She continued in this work, eventually becoming a coach and head coach in Landmark’s Self Expression Leadership Program (SELP).

During the next several years, attending a variety of transformational workshops and retreats such as Sandra Biskind’s ‘Platinum Lifestyle Program’ and Anat Peri’s ‘Training Camp For The Soul’, Valerie was blessed to have many deeply life-changing experiences. In her words: It was as if I was able to actually feel my heart for the first time’.

Her career began blossoming into more rewarding and resonant work opportunities, and Valerie began a working in sales and marketing consulting for health conscious companies whose visions she felt proud to support. This has put her behind launches of companies and products with budgets into the millions.

Valerie is passionate about being a catalyst to remind young women of their inherent wisdom, intuition and power, and guide them to access it in an integrative way that serves their unique path and gifts.

Her intention is to be an embodied example for what is possible and to continue dedicatedly growing into her edges as both a teacher and student of this magnificent mystery of life. “If I want to be the change I have to embody the change– that’s the work I’ve done to get me to where I am now. To have thriving relationships in all areas of my life, personally, professionally, with my partner and my community. It’s a culmination of the work I’ve done, and it’s stretched me to the core of my being, yet ultimately it has elevated me to where I am today.”

To find out more about the Girl Hacks program and how you can get involved, please visit: www.girlhacks.org


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