#83: Lindsay Shoop - Better Great than Never

About this week's guest:


Think of any sport, and Lindsay played it growing up. She was a driven athlete, a good student, and a happy teenager. But when she went to college, everything changed. Because Lindsay did not believe she was a college-caliber athlete, she quit sports altogether, gained weight, skipped classes, and her drive diminished. Ultimately, she lost my way and did not know how to get back on track. After a sleepless night and a fateful turn of events, Lindsay made the decision to change. By complete chance, on one sunny Saturday morning during her third year in college at the University of Virginia, she bumped into the head coach of UVA's rowing team--Kevin Sauer. It was during our chance encounter that he suggested she join the team. Although she had never rowed before and certainly did not know where rowing could take her, Lindsay took Kevin up on his offer and joined the team one month later.

From her first day of rowing practice forward, the sport became her outlet for transformation--one that guided Lindsay toward becoming her best.

Within one year, she became an NCAA Division-I All-American. Two years later, she made her first US National Team. The year after that, she and her teammates broke the world record and won their first World Championship Title...two years later, they made Olympic history.

Most importantly though, rowing has exposed Lindsay to a lifetime of knowledge, experience, and friendship for which she is eternally thankful.

Athletic Highlights:

*Olympic Gold Medalist

*3-time World Champion

*5 World Cup medals over 8 World Cup appearances

*1 FISA International Crew of the Year award

*1 World Record (former)

*US National Rowing Hall of Fame inductee

*2-time NCAA All-American



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