#27: Thundrbro Training w. Dave Lipson

About Dave:

Dave Lipson is the owner of Thundrbro Training. With a background in professional baseball and strength and conditioning, Dave travels the world training trainers on how to thrash clients and mold them into rock hard adonis Gods. He has trained entertainment celebrities, professional MLB and NFL athletes and CrossFit Games champions. Dave enjoys smashing drums and touring with Metal bands, lifting massive weights sexing it up with his beloved wife.

Thundrbro is a training and lifestyle brand. Our goal is to bring quality products, information, and resources to help people live optimally and bro hard! This brand was born inside a garage gym where two best buds would wake the neighborhood every morning crushing weights in epic training sessions together. Building camaraderie and respect for each other, rooted in brotherhood, hard work, and optimal living, the Thundrbro mission is to make the world a better place through physical training, mental toughness with a winning mindset, and elevating those around you.

  • IG: @davefreakinlipson, @thundrbro

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