#25: Lifestyle Nutrition w Becca Chilzenkowski

About Becca:

Becca Chilzenkowski started CrossFit in 2010 and fell in love with it immediately. Especially the competitiveness (being a two-sport college athlete) and the way it changed how I looked at fitness. She decided in 2012 to quit her full-time job at Allstate and start coaching at O'Hare CrossFit alongside Angelo. Becca got into the competitive scene pretty quick after that and competed from 2012-2016 at regionals on a team once, as well as an individual 2x.

During this time, Becca also found a huge passion for nutrition. She always thought she knew what 'good nutrition' was - but she was SO wrong. So Becca worked on educating myself, finding the best of the best to learn from and utilize as mentors, and working with OCF members was how it began. Then as word spread, her clients were seeing results, and the referrals kept growing, she decided to expand it beyond OCF and start Lifestyle Nutrition. That was in 2017 and her goal with Lifestyle Nutrition started out as wanting to help clients find the best possible version of themselves. Find a realistic, sustainable, and healthy relationship with food, and educate them to be their own food experts.

Becca also started to see an opportunity to help gyms. All she saw were nutrition companies that took clients/revenue from gyms because gyms couldn't offer nutrition because they either didn't have the knowledge or the time. So she decided to come up with the LSN Gym Partnership Program. Oh, and in the past year that we've been developing this and working with gyms, she also had her first baby, so Becca is now also a new mom. Who is working to expand and run a successful business, and maybe also dabble back into competing on a smaller scale.

Here's what's next:

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