What are you going to do with all of that "old man" strength? Conquer specializes in getting the 35-60+ athlete to The Games. Interested?

Programming designed for a stronger mind and experienced body.

“The coaches are engaged with the athletes and are working to provide high quality programming and more importantly feedback.

— Thad Haines, Conquer Athlete

"Joining Conquer athlete is the best decision that I have made, because of the drastic jumps in my fitness level."

— Travis Swails, Conquer Athlete


Conquer Masters is for athletes aged 35-60+ competing in the sport of fitness. This track is also for those older individuals who need more attention to longevity.


This program pays a bit more attention to the loading on joints and the training effects on the body.  The attention to detail here is of the utmost importance as we understand the concepts of intensity and volume do vary with age and joint integrity.


Program Features:
  • 60-120 min training sessions programmed by Master Coach, Jason Leydon which can usually be done in a single training session

  • Online training portal for quick communication with your Conquer Support and access to your Masters Programming

  • Access to closed Conquer Athlete Facebook Group to connect with other athletes like yourself who are going through the same program

  • Special Discounts for Conquer Swag & Events 

  • Prerequisites: experience with:

    • speed lifts - snatch, clean and jerk

    • slow lifts - squat, press, deadlift

    • ability to move through gymnastics movements - pull-ups, chest-to-bar, toes-to-bar, rope climbs, bar muscle ups, and rung muscle ups

Notable Conquer Athletes


  • Ron Ortiz - CrossFit Games Masters 2015 and 2018

  • CrossFit Milford - CrossFit Games Teams

  • Mike Egan - CrossFit Games

  • Robbie Davis - CrossFit Games 2017 and 2018

  • Shawn Ramirez - CrossFit Games 2016, 2017, and 2018

  • Joe Corvo - CrossFit Games 2018

  • Michele Fumagalli - CrossFit Games 2018

  • Annie Sakamoto - CrossFit Games Masters

  • Jackie Violet - CrossFit Games Teen

  • Dan Tyminski - CrossFit Games 2017

  • Craig Kenney - CrossFit Games 2015

  • Kaleena Laderious - CrossFit Games 2013

  • Liz Warren - CrossFit Games

  • Amanda Allen 2015 CrossFit Games

  • Donna Bruce - CrossFit Games

  • Amy Moodebaum - CrossFit Games


Masters Competition Template

  • Conquer Programming from Master Coach Jason Leydon

  • Dashboard, Leaderboards, and workout tracking on WodUp platform

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • Feedback from the Conquer Team in Facebook Group

  • Community Support

  • Special Discounts to Conquer Swag & Events

Per month:


Masters Custom

  • Personalized Program Design for your Individual Goals and Needs

  • Monthly Video Calls with Coach

  • Email access to your Conquer Coach

  • Video Review from a Conquer Coach

  • Weekly Check-ins with Conquer Coach via True Coach

  • Private Facebook Group Access

  • Community Support

  • Special Discounts to Conquer Swag & Events

Per month:




Purchase your Masters Programming here and you'll get an email from your Conquer Coach welcoming you into the closed Conquer Facebook Group.

You'll receive your login credentials to access your own online Masters Programming Portal - this is how you'll get your workouts and communicate with Conquer.

Follow the program. Put in the work. Connect with other athletes in the group who are going through the same training.

See real results.

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